Magnum is a built-from-the-ground-up enterprise that has tapped into the expertise, experience and solid work ethic of local employees. As a supplementary benefit to maintaining the company’s best-in-class status, hiring local talent supports the many communities from which Magnum operates.

Why Magnum


At Magnum, you will work with a team passionate about growing now for the future and building a driven, dedicated, best-in-class team. Magnum continues to develop and diversify our multiple service lines as the markets we operate in change, so that we can give our employees confidence in long-term, sustainable job opportunities.


Our road to success starts with our people. As such, our employees participate in the rewards that their loyalty and hard work result in. As a privately held organization, potential ownership opportunities are also available based on tenure and performance, which instill pride and commitment in the work that we do every day.


We pride ourselves on creating opportunities for our employees to help grow our new service lines, in combination with bringing in experts in their areas. Magnum is here to provide expertise in all of the services we offer, which creates numerous opportunities for upward mobility as the organization continues to grow and evolve.


Magnum has always identified our people as being our greatest asset. We trust and enjoy working with each other, and know each other as people first. Our commitment has and always will be maintaining that small-company feel no matter how large we grow, so that our employees know they can always have a voice that will be heard.

Training and Development

Training and Development

  • Magnum encourages our employees to increase their knowledge and abilities by continuously upgrading their skills, be that through our internal progression process, getting involved in our multiple service lines, or pursuing external training opportunities.
  • One of Magnum’s core values is to embrace change and always be developing as both individuals and as a company through continuous improvement. In alignment with this, Magnum employs an Education and Training Program to potentially cover costs associated with external opportunities for training and development that you may be interested in.
  • Interested in getting a class 1 license? We can help! Magnum has supported numerous employees in obtaining a class 1 license so that they can get involved with more equipment and progress within the company.
Training and Development

Available Roles

At Magnum we are always looking for eager, dedicated individuals to join our teams, whether you’re looking for an entry-level role, leadership opportunities to further your skills and abilities, or roles where your experience can make a difference.

Typically, first a phone interview with the HR department to get a better understanding of what you are looking for. Then an in-person interview with the hiring manager to see if you would be a fit for the Magnum team. Pre-employment testing and a driver record review will be required for positions deemed to be safety sensitive.

Review our website and social media to understand who we are. Be prepared for behavioural-based questions where we are looking for actual examples from your past work experience. Be ready with any questions you have about our company or our roles.

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