Comprehensive Solutions

Magnum is a multi service provider with offerings spanning across various industries including agriculture, oil and gas, construction and more. Magnum provides quality service packages to meet the needs of each customer in each industry. Service offerings include soil stabilization, fluid services, primary cementing and remedial cementing with tools.

Magnum values our customers’ unique, individual needs. As such, our sales team can work closely with you to package as little or as much as you want to make your project a success.

Our Commitment

Infrastructure Safety


COR certified, Comply Works, ISNET & Avetta.
Real time safety statistics through analytics.


In-house research, development and fabrication.
Proprietary mixing and data acquisition.


Providing the highest quality cement products.
Reliable cementing equipment.


A commitment to Service with Integrity.
MCIT (Magnum Continuous Improvement Team).


Magnum Achievement Passport Competency Training Program. Magnum Leadership Training Course.

Carbon Reduction

25% less CO2 produced from cementing activities due to on-site equipment reductions. Installation of APU’s across our fleet will reduce idling pollution by 86%.

Sitepad Stabilization

Stage 1

Stabilize Sitepad

Stabilize Sitepad

  • Allows for year-round access;
  • Reclaimable when necessary;
  • Safe work surface for the entire well operation.

A safe, cost effective and lasting solution to rig mats. Allows for year-round access. Stabilized access roads and site pads allow for safe rig placements and operations for the full life cycle of your well. When necessary, the site can be reclaimed and completely restored.

Infrastructure Services

Well Construction Tools

Stage 2

Well Construction Tools

Well Construction Tools

  • Quality casing tools;
  • Experienced staff that understand both cementing and tools;
  • Tool selections are complimentary to each cementing program for optimal results;
  • Cementing and tool programming are completed by the same team to reduce failures.
Well Construction

Primary Cementing

Stage 3

Primary Cementing

Primary Cementing

  • New, reliable, and custom built equipment;
  • Specialized blends and additives;
  • Experienced workforce;
  • Water and Vac Services.

Magnum's experienced crews and reliable equipment can comfortably handle primary work greater than 6,000 meters in depth. We have extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional primary cementing, as well as specialized service designed for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) wells.

Primary Cementing

Remedial Cementing (P&A)

Stage 4

Remedial Cementing (P&A)

Remedial Cementing and Tools (P&A)

  • Customized remedial cement blends;
  • A variety of remedial tools;
  • Water and Vac Services.

Magnum's team has extensive remedial experience and has performed remedial work in a large variety of wellbore types. Magnum offers a wide range of remedial tools and field-proven remedial blends, including micro-fine cement and other specialty systems. A great selection of remedial additives that are reliable and consistent have backed Magnum’s success in remediation.


 Efficiency Initiatives

Magnum provides one point of contact for centralized dispatch across all our service lines. One call to Magnum guarantees the same level of competence and professional service, regardless of the project you’re looking to service. Our internal training standards and competencies are among the highest in the industry, and we have applied those expectations in every aspect of what we do so that our customers can have confidence in our crews to work safely, efficiently, and with a high level of expertise.

Our commitment to efficiency translates into environmental responsibility. By offering comprehensive solutions to the industry, including downhole tools, cementing, and fluid services, Magnum can significantly reduce the amount of personnel and equipment required on location compared to if these services were provided separately. This efficiency translates into reduced carbon emissions, less environmental impact, and a cost savings for our customer. Further, the ability to provide multiple service offerings allows for better synergy, cross-training, and communication, resulting in a safer and more organized job.


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