Although Magnum is not a publicly traded company we have always understood the need to be responsible to our environment, our people, and the governance of our organization. We believe that our values need to support these beliefs.

As such, our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) program focuses on maintaining those values in everything that we do. Our continuous improvement and efficiency translates into environmental responsibility. Our commitment to community and safety helps to promote the welfare of our people. And our integrity and accountability help us to maintain effective governance of our policies, procedures quality assurance, and external compliance.



The foundations of Magnum are securely anchored in the soil. The core of Magnum’s senior management has a strong attachment to the land, both through family backgrounds and present avocations, including the company’s founder and President & CEO, Beerd Beekman. Top of mind in the formulation of company policies and practices is the limitation of damage to the land, especially to the topsoil and to natural and man-made watercourses. In the same manner that farmers must be stewards of the land, the perspective of Magnum’s management and employees is that service providers must be equally conscious of the value of protecting the land and natural surroundings.

Efficiencies are often what separate the good from the mediocre in any endeavor. In Magnum’s case, efficiencies have been derived to a noteworthy extent from the company’s careful use of its rolling stock. Initially an imperative to compete more effectively in a highly competitive sector, the optimal use of its vehicles has over time evolved into a two-pronged imperative, to remain competitive and now, just as important, to reduce Magnum’s carbon footprint.



Magnum is a built-from-the-ground-up enterprise that has tapped into the expertise, experience and solid work ethic of local employees. As a supplementary benefit to maintaining the company’s best-in-class status, hiring local talent supports the many communities from which Magnum operates. The reciprocal benefits – company to community and community to company – are promoted from Magnum’s side of the equation through conscious and consistent effort.

Magnum employment policies recognize the critical importance of an appropriately balanced relationship among and between employees, management, and shareholders. This balance is fully embodied in many cases in individuals who are all three. The company encourages employee participation in a share purchase program with the aim of better aligning interests. The share purchase program has resulted in substantial employee ownership, particularly at the senior management level.

The company’s compensation and benefits packages are competitive and thoroughly worked-through from the perspectives of both potential and long-standing employees. By bringing on and retaining the best candidates, the objective of Magnum is to continuously reinforce a culture of excellence and exceptional service.

Magnum’s commitment to its employees and to its own long-term viability has been demonstrated through two sharp economic downturns and, most recently and dramatically, through the pandemic that began in the early spring of 2020. The company’s approach during these periods of severe stress was to retain staff and capacity, even at the expense of stretching its financial resources in ways not previously exercised. Any decisions to hold fast or skinny down were at all times informed most prevalently by considerations relating to the many individuals and families that depend on Magnum for their livelihood. “We’ve seen our way through some trying circumstances, for sure”, says CEO Beekman. “Looking forward, it’s a privilege to lead a strong, resourceful and resilient team that matches up well against any crew anywhere, anytime”.


Magnum has, since its inception, supplemented its internal corporate governance with an external advisory board. The board interacts directly with the company’s most senior executives and provides its insights and perspectives on matters of particular concern. It is noteworthy that the composition of the advisory board is diverse and that it includes experienced voices from a broad range of fields.

That being said, Magnum’s commitment to governance is much more than just an advisory board; we embrace quality systems and compliance as a means of continuously getting better. We evaluate policy and process for improvement at all times. We hold our company and staff to the highest standards in the industry, not tolerating any shortcuts when it comes to quality and safety. Magnum is a proudly ISO 9001 Quality Systems Management certified company.


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