Fluid Services

Furthering the Magnum commitment to quality and service with integrity, Magnum’s Fluid Services division, which encompasses the addition of water, vac, and hydrovac units to our fleet, increases value for our clients and their projects.  This equipment can be utilized for stand-alone jobs or combined with our other services.

Our Industries



Hydro pond servicing, daylighting, spill clean-up, tank cleaning.



Daylighting, slot trenching, HDD drill support, shoring installations.


Facility Services

Site clean-up and disposal services.

Infrastructure Controlled Injection


Well clean-up, rig water supply, spill & tank clean-up, hazardous material disposal, product transfers.



Tie-ins, crossings, anode installations, trenching, facility locating.


Residential & Commercial

Acreage water, facility locating, trenching, flood clean-up, sump & septic services.


Equipment Overview

Magnum’s fleet of vac, combo vac, hydro vac, and water hauling equipment can be utilized for a stand-alone job or be combined with our other services to satisfy our customer needs and achieve the best desired outcome.

B Permit certified through Alberta Transportation, our continuously expanding fleet is committed to producing minimally invasive, non-destructive results no matter the service provided. Outfitted with tier 4 engines meeting the highest standards, we are confident that our state-of-the-art equipment is the right choice for your project.


Environmental Initiatives

Based on experience in our other service lines, Magnum has been able to apply the same focus on continuous improvement and efficiencies in order to develop new and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our equipment and crews. Thanks to our in-house fabrication capabilities, Magnum is able to vet and implement modifications quickly as they are identified, such as our ongoing installation of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) into our fleet to reduce idling pollution by more than 85%.

Hiring and training locally remains at the forefront of our business. Our commitment continues to be placing our people and equipment as close to the work as possible with our 15 locations across North America to reduce emissions related to travel. Additionally, our capability of both one-person and two-person operations, based on customer needs significantly reduces both costs to the customer, as well as footprint on site.


The Latest

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