Health & Safety

At Magnum, we are committed to protecting our customers, employees, visitors, contractors, the public, and our environment.

The co-operation of our employees every day and on every job is essential to the success of our HSE Program. These unified efforts help us protect all individuals in our workplace. We will strive to achieve and maintain a zero incident/accident-free environment.

Safety Accomplishments

In addition to safety, Magnum focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We have created a Quality Assurance and Compliance Team to ensure all departments follow proper standards and procedures to achieve operational excellence. Our employees are provided with hands on training and personal development that emphasizes safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe the investment in our people creates an atmosphere where they are comfortable and confident in their work, allowing us to provide our customers with solutions from the best people in our industry.

  • COR Certified since 2010
  • Member of ComplyWorks
  • Member of ISNetworld
  • Member of Avetta
  • Member of Veriforce
  • Oilfield Exemption Permit
  • ELD Compliant (DOT/NSC)
  • Transportation Compliance Audit – 99.9% (0.1% Non Compliance)
  • Real-time safety statistics through analytics
  • Suncor Drilling and Completions Contractor Safety Award – Q1 2019
  • HSE Program developed in consultation with Wyoming Workforce 
  •  AED Certified Locations across North America
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