Through the years Magnum has been praised for its ability to quickly respond to market growth and to offer cutting-edge technologies within its service. Magnum’s Research and Development team is constantly improving the product line. It is through the efforts of these individuals that we can provide the best available services that can stand the test of time.


Approach and Philosophy

Our Goal

Magnum’s goal is to provide a service that goes beyond our customer’s expectations through constant innovation and reliable, honest communication.  To accomplish this goal, innovation and continuous improvement must be driven in every corner of Magnum’s organization.  Research and Development is the responsibility of all Magnum employees, at all levels. 

We Strive To

  • Be innovative, creative, and resourceful

  • Think outside the box

  • Communicate ideas with customers, researchers, and users

  • Apply technologies where needed

  • Stay committed to innovations

  • Question the old way of doing things

  • Reduce environmental impact.

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Research and Development

At Magnum we have been praised for our ability to offer efficient and innovative solutions for our customers. Our company quickly adapts to market demands and fluctuations by creating cutting-edge technologies. Magnum’s Research and Development team continuously improves and expands our product line to offer clients a wide range of customizable solutions. Our blends, technology, and equipment are developed exclusively for the Western Canadian and North American markets.

We provide our customers with the highest quality cement products by using the newest materials and technology available on the market. Magnum works closely with chemical suppliers and manufactures to develop and/or modify fit-for-purpose technologies that meet the demands of today’s oil and gas fields. Magnum’s innovation and development has brought new technologies into the market that demonstrate improvements to well-life integrity and longevity.

Our blend design goes beyond the standard, with innovative lightweight technologies such as 900KG/m3 (lighter than water) slurry systems and lightweight thermal designs for depleted or weak formations.


Environmental Initiatives

Since the inception of our cementing division in 2008, we knew a vigilant efficiency mindset was necessary to reduce our carbon footprint. To do this, we have committed to being industry leaders in reducing waste, using less resources, and measuring efficiency across all our service lines. Our high-quality standards, continuous improvement, and alignment with ISO standards make all our service lines a superior choice among the competition. We are continuously committed to developing further technologies to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a greener planet.

Some of our environmental innovations to date include:

  • 25% less CO2 production in cementing activities compared to traditional industry practices.
  • Compatible additives in our laboratory blends to minimize waste and create long-standing results.
  • Ground protection through drip trays and spill protection devices where required.
  • Ongoing installation of APU’s into our fleet to reduce idling pollution by more than 85%.
  • Opportunity to combine comprehensive services for efficiency and commitment to environmental goals.
  • Incentivized smaller crew sizes and hose reel systems to create on-site efficiency.
  • Commitment to reducing paper and plastic waste at corporate office locations.
  • Dustless mixing units for reduced to no dust release into the atmosphere.
Mobile Testing Labs

Testing and Mobile Labs

Magnum’s Research and Development team, as well as our 24/7 operational support services testing labs, are located in Strathmore AB, Grande Prairie AB, and Cheyenne WY. With these in-house testing capabilities and alliances in different parts of the world, Magnum can provide the following testing capabilities:


  • Rheology
  • Free Fluid
  • Expansion
  • Fluid Loss
  • Atmospheric Consistometer
  • Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers (UCA) – Non-Destructive
  • Compressive Strength – Destructive
  • Pressurized Consistometers
  • Gel Strength
  • Gas Migration
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
  • Water Analysis
  • Compatibility (Mud/Spacer/Pre-flush/Cements)
  • Mechanical Properties Testing
  • Tensile Strength (STS)
  • Young’s Modulus
  • Poisson’s Ratio
  • Friction Angle
  • Cohesive Strength
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Thermal Conductivity


The Latest

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