Isolation Technologies

The highest number of failures during remedial and abandonment operations is due to misinformation, human error, and lack of communication between service providers. Having recognized this, Magnum chose to step outside the box and organically grow a tool service line to offer a solution that complements our core business and provides the means to achieve superior hydraulic isolation.

The strategy is simple; identify all the pieces and then solve the puzzle. With this diversified service, combined with existing cementing services, Magnum can now ensure clear and concise communication between the two most complex operations on site. The benefit is a comprehensive solution for remedial and abandonment operations.

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Our Advantages


Career Development

Organic growth and development opportunities for employees to become well-rounded.

Infrastructure Controlled Injection

Complimentary Services

Synergy between the critical service lines of downhole tools, cementing, and fluid services.


In-House Experts

Comprehensive and inclusive strategies with top industry vendors for well remediation and P&A.


In-House Programming

Completed by the same team, ensuring efficient communication to mitigate downhole failures.


On-Site Troubleshooting

Streamlined, efficient troubleshooting conducted by global subject matter experts.


Single-Call Service

One call needed for complimentary cement, tools, and fluid services to fit project needs.


Equipment Overview

At Magnum, we provide best-in-class service by offering our customers a one-stop-shop for tools, cementing, and fluid services. We have a full suite of downhole tools from top vendors in the industry, including P&A/Remedial, Completion, and Liner tools, to fit all our customers’ needs.

Our largest asset is our people, which is why we have diversified our training to give our customers the peace of mind that our crews are knowledgeable in running all of our equipment and tools: The Magnum Advantage.


Environmental Initiatives

By offering a one-call option to provide tools, cementing, and fluid services, Magnum can significantly reduce the amount of personnel and equipment that would typically be required if these services were provided separately. This efficiency translates into reduced carbon emissions, less environmental impact, and a cost savings for our customer. Further, the ability to bundle services allows for better synergy, cross-training, and communication, resulting in a safer and more organized job.


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