Soil Stabilization

Magnum’s Soil Stabilization division was created in 2017 with a mission to change the way area stabilization is done. We offer sub-base improvements for all new and existing projects by taking poor soils and improving their load-bearing capacity. To achieve this, Magnum combines the best equipment and technology available, providing the foundation you can build on. Magnum achieves and maintains customer satisfaction by offering effective, responsible, and safe solutions.

Our Industries

Infrastructure Controlled Injection

Oil & Gas

Lease sites and access roads.



Feedlots, bin yards, silage pits, and more.



Industrial, residential and commercial.



Separation of frozen soils and side hill cutting.


Roads & Infrastructure

Secondary, primary and residential.


Retention Ponds

Base and embankments.



Permanent and temporary buildings/facilities.

wheel barrow

Laydown Yards

Temporary and permanent work sites.


Equipment Overview

Magnum strives to provide innovation by utilizing the latest technologically advanced equipment to meet our customers’ project needs. Magnum combines the best equipment and technology available, providing the foundation that you can build on.


Infrastructure Mixing Drum

High Speed Mixing Drum

Provides a homogeneous mixture of soil and binders.

Infrastructure Auto Grading

Automatic Grading

For customized drainage/slope.

Infrastructure Flotation Tires

Flotation Tires

For soft soil/wet environments and traction.

Infrastructure Controlled Injection

Controlled Injection

For optimized water requirements.

Infrastructure Training

Topography Precision

GPS and topographic surveying to ensure precise drainage and designed elevations.

Infrastructure CO2

Precision Spreading Equipment

GPS guided combined with radar and real-time scale measuring for exact application.


Environmental Initiatives

More traditional methods of stabilizing an area rely on thick gravel bases that can still heave and separate even after a wear-proof product is applied, which then creates bumps, potholes, foundation cracks, and loose gravel. This can ultimately result in the need to prematurely repair the area, which translates into greater long-term cost and carbon emissions.

By comparison, soil stabilization allows Magnum to create a sub-base by treating the existing soil to enhance its load-bearing capacity and make it impermeable to water. It acts as a floating slab, able to withstand more pressure and absorb movement as the earth shifts due to freeze and thaw cycles, moisture, and heavy traffic. There is also no need to export poor sub soils or import clay / gravel bases from other locations. This drastically cuts down on the time and equipment needed to construct a foundation, as all the materials are within an arm’s reach. All of this translates into cost savings for our customer, less environmental impact long term, and a stronger and more resilient quality of product.

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