In less than a decade, Magnum became one of the leading solution providers for Primary and Remedial cementing services in the oil and gas industry across North America. This has been made possible thanks in large part to a dedicated team with over 50 years of industry experience.

Throughout the years, Magnum has been praised for its ability to anticipate market changes and introduce cutting-edge technologies to the industry. Magnum’s innovative team is constantly improving our equipment, procedures, and services; through these efforts we strive to provide the best available services in the industry.

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Our Advantages


Hose Reels

Efficient and safe rig-in / rig-out.

Batch Mixing Units

Precise density control and hydration time.

GPS Monitoring & ELDs

Improved routing, safety, and accountability.

In-House Fabrication

Rugged, reliable, and innovative to meet specific job needs.

Tridem Bulk Pup Trailers

Reduced manpower and carbon footprint.

In-House Lab Testing

Improved blend control and optimization.

Equipment Overview

At Magnum, we lead the industry through innovation by designing, assembling, and maintaining our own equipment, and it all started with our cementing division. Magnum’s in-house team of fabrication professionals manufacture our own customized cementing units. Outfitted with tier 4 engines meeting the highest standards, our equipment offers continuous high-energy mixing with accurate density control for all pump rates and variable well conditions. These units provide excellent mixing of all flushes, spacers, and slurries, while providing data acquisition with remote job and real-time monitoring. Depending on our client’s needs, Magnum offers three different Precision Cement Mixing-Pumping (PCMP) units with various capabilities.

For an example of the innovation Magnum strives for every day, you need to look no further than our Batch Mixing System. Uniquely designed in-house, MAGBATCH is built fit-for-purpose to meet the needs of today’s highly demanding Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) wells. Proven equipment, combined with proper processes and new age cement chemistry, is enhancing the durability and life of EOR wells for our customers.



Primary Cementing

Magnum’s experienced crews have extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional primary cementing, as well as specialized services designed for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) wells. Magnum’s reliable equipment can comfortably handle primary work greater than 6,000 meters in depth.

Remedial Cementing

Magnum’s teams have extensive remedial experience and have performed remedial work in a large variety of wellbore types. Magnum offers field-proven remedial blends, including micro-fine cement and other specialty systems. A large selection of reliable, consistent remedial additives have ensured Magnum’s success in remediation.

Production Optimization

Over time, oil and gas well production may reduce. Stimulating reservoirs with specialty products can effectively restore lost production. Magnum utilizes a portfolio of products to treat wells and re-establish hydrocarbon production. Chemical injection products and in-house chemistry can also be used to stimulate production.
water shut off

Water Shut Off

Water production in oil and gas wells can be costly and stopping water influx can be challenging.  Magnum’s team has developed products to reduce and/or stop water production.  Solutions include cross-linked polymers, cement-based water shut-off, resins, expanding systems, and CO2, acid, and corrosion-resistant products.

Environmental Initiatives

At Magnum, we have taken blend development to another level by making it our integral practice to ensure our cementing additives and cement systems are compatible with each other. This allows greater flexibility with job designs, therefore minimizing or eliminating waste of additional raw products.

Efficiency has always been part of our Magnum DNA. Adding hose reels on all units and incentivizing smaller crew sizes has allowed Magnum to create efficiency and reduce unnecessary time and equipment on location. From 2019 to 2020 Magnum produced over 25% less CO2 than our competitors by using conventional equipment and crew size. Additionally, our ongoing installation of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) into our fleet will reduce idling pollution by more than 85%.


The Latest

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